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One of the coolest and most amazing individuals ever to walk the face of the earth. Although usually quite opinionated, gets along with most everyone
Darcie was kind of bitchy yesterday, but she is hella cool.
by your mama don't dance October 22, 2008
Darcie is the prettiest person alive, also known popularly as Darc. Darcie is also known for setting many trends and everyone loves her. Although at times she can be bitchy, doesn't mean she doesn't know how to have a good time. Wow Darcie sure can move!
by shawtygotmoves April 20, 2011
1. To be of the Gnomes (garden variety or otherwise), gnometacular.
2. To be one with the Gnomes, and to surround oneself with objects (eg. gnomes) that would otherwise define one as bat-shit insane (in the best way possible)
3. To listen to the Gnomes, and communicate with them on a trans-spacial level; see Gnome-Whisperer, Gnome Avatar ∞
1. As she ascended from the forest, her arms and shoulders bedecked with tiny bearded figures, Todd suspected he had found a Darcie.

2. Though she may be Darcie, we still love her.

3. As the spirit of Darcie ran through her, the tiny gnome was suddenly healed
by Ceaz3r February 10, 2009
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