Verb. Where someone does everything up until the point in which Daphne would stop, aka, fingering.
"I daphned the shit out of my girlfriend this morning."
"I'm really trying to get daphned by this super hot guy with the most amazing hands."
"I totally did a daphne last night."
by Daphneeee October 13, 2012
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A very good looking girl who is popular with everybody. Shy at first, but fun and friendly once you get to know her. Smart and intellegent, and enjoys company. Good at anything she does, and talented in the arts.
"That Daphne girl is amazing!"
by cherrycherryboomboom__ February 07, 2010
The most gorgeous woman to ever walk the planet . Everybody loves her . One of the most out-going/laid-back people ever . Doesn't care what anybody thinks . Not afraid to knock a bitch out . Very very very beautiful . Beyond sexy . Being with her is a once in a life time opportunity & once you get her you should never let go or you will regret it big time . The sexiest woman in the world ! Once you lose her trust , it's hard to get it back . She is absolutely amazing . Not the type of girlfriend that is constantly looking over your shoulder & she won't obsess over you . Sexilicious Goddess sent from the Heavens above ! The most stunning person on the face of the Earth . If you ever get the chance to date her , don't ever let go of her because she will truly love you . Once you lose her , you lose everything .
Daphne is amazing .
I wish I was like Daphne !
by buhcgdhv December 25, 2010
1 According to Greek myth Apollo chased the dryad Daphne (Greek: ÄÜöíç, meaning "laurel"), daughter of Peneus. His infatuation was caused by an arrow from Eros, who was jealous because Apollo had made fun of his archery skills. Eros also claimed to be irritated by Apollo's singing. Daphne prayed to the river god Peneus to help her and he changed her into a Lauraceae tree, which became sacred to Apollo.

2 Dafne is the name of an opera by Jacopo Peri (1597), no longer extant, and is considered to be the first opera ever composed.
Daphne is also the title of an opera by Richard Strauss based on the myth of the nymph Daphne.
Daphne is also a genus of shrubs in the plant family Thymelaeaceae, noted for their scented flowers and poisonous berries.
41 Daphne is the name of an asteroid.
Many cities and villages in Greece are named Dafni
Daphne is the name of a city in the U.S. state of Alabama.
SS Daphne was a ship which sank disastrously in 1883.
Daphne Blake is a character in the television cartoon Scooby-Doo.
Daphne Broon is a character in the Scottish cartoon strip The Broons.
"Daphne Descends" is a song on the Smashing Pumpkins' Adore album.
Daphne Moon is a character in the Emmy Award Winning Show Frasier.
DAPHNE is an emulator of Laserdisc Arcade Games.
DAÖNE is a nuclear physics experiment in Frascati, Italy.
Daphne is the name of a tree that is important in finding Maia Mizuki's lost memories, in the anime Daphne in the Brilliant Blue (2004)
"Daphne" is a song on several Django Reinhardt albums, such as Djangology. The song was originally written in 1938.
"Daphne II" is a European Community program based on the decission 803/2004/CE from the European Parliament, to prevent and fight violence against women and children and protect the victims and risk groups; It states a common position and strategy from the representatives of the european citizenship.

3 Daphen si a wonderufl perosn lvoely and cute
Daphne wow you are cool
by sweet Candy chick June 04, 2006
1. A hot person who likes to be around guys
2. Kinduf nice with lots of frends
3. could be a private stripper? younmever know!
1. That girls sucha Daphne, shez so hot an has all those gus around her!
2. Shes pipular so shez a Daphne.
3. OW hat Daphne stripper gaf me i hell ofa lapdance/strip1
by unclejeremywentswim3ee4444 January 18, 2009
Daphne is the greatest person to have ever graced the players of DMS.
Omgawd Daphne is my hero. I would slaughter over 9000 my cows to just sniff Daphne's hair.
by afhjjahgklhlkghalhjihad October 08, 2008
Most lovable, laid back, interesting, flirty girl you'll ever meet. She's distant and gives you space. She's very kind and keeps it real. She has no enemy's other than the jealous minds around her. Many people copy her ideas. Her relationships are shit and dates nothing but losers, who use their sob storys to lure her in. Her downfall is, she cares too much and gets trapt in these toxic relationships. She's a freak between the sheets and keeps your toes curled, gives the best head, and has a tight pussy; I could eat her out for days. Her smile, her touch, her body next to you, is always warm. She's an incredably forgiving person who sees no flaws in you. She gives herself to you completely, until you fuck her over. Once you do that, she'll never trust you, she'll squint her cute face and swear she's not mad. She's mad. And she'll never trust you. And now your meaning of life is to make it up to her. Everybody enjoys her company. She's funny as hell.
I'd walk to china for daphne.
I'd do anything for daphne.
I wish I had a taste of daphne again.
by Pseud0nym November 26, 2013
A by-product of freedom of speech.
Freedom of speech comes at a cost, the cost being daphne.
Happy birthday Daphne.
by Franswabb August 20, 2012

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