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Drama Town
Are those people from Danvers? Woah! Lets drop Quick!

by Anonoam April 30, 2011
a very small town with nothing but a gas station and a bar located in the middle of illinois

population is about 1000 mostly consisting of older people and a few teenagers

there is also an elementary school where kids from other small towns go to
dude wana go hang out in danvers?

fuck that
by Jacobness January 01, 2008
a craphole in north eastern mass that is filled with crackwhores, sluts, pregnant teenagers, and a community college where all Danvers little failures of life go to pretend they are doing something with their lives
me: hey mike hows like
jon: (while smoking crack) oh its good *scraches neck* my wife is pregnant again with another little rat face kid
me: you got married?
jon: HELLZ NO NIGGA! i just pimpin ma shit around danvers community college
me: thats sad......
by inrecop15 February 29, 2008