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A stench that is so terrible it can only be described as the scent of a dead man's anus.
"I made out with Rich W. It was terrible, his breath tasted like danus."
by Donson May 26, 2008
A fool, an idiot, one worthy of derision.
That guy puked in your bathtub? What a danus.
by shantastic October 08, 2004
also some times known as a vagina that is wider than it is tall so a very loose puss....
jantzens danus is crusty...
by sduf June 10, 2003
the space between the dick and the anus.
yo, that kids grandma looks like a danus.
by tonystarks October 08, 2006
Gorgeous. She is a strong person who has been in more shit than anyone else around her. Demanding. Crazy. Fun. Funny. Smart. Has tons of friends. Tends to think to low of herself. Gets more girls than anyone else around.
Frank: do you want to go on a date with me Danu?
by SexualBABY November 23, 2010
When preceded by the word "Charles", is used to refer to the anus of a girl in the fasttalk dialect. Plural: danii
Britni's danus is juicy, although excessively hairy.

If Varga had a child, their danii would be surrounded by a thick mat of fur.
by Mac August 11, 2003
The part between the dick and the anus
Stop touching my danus!
by Lewis April 01, 2003
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