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A Russian god known for his extremely large penis and good looks
Gabbie: Wish good luck from Danton for tonight

Andrew: Allright, i'll need it
by Mike Jones!!!!!!!! January 25, 2009
To find a picture in a text book that closely resembles one of your friends
Guy 1: What the hell are you laughing at?
Guy 2: this picture is such a Danton of you
by alldaylong July 12, 2010
someone who is very gay and flirty
You are Danton.
by rzuriqo August 19, 2008
1. Alternate name for 1987 movie "Deadly Prey."
2. Decribes someone stupid and/or a major hardass.
Have you seen Danton? You'll laugh your ass off!

You're Danton!
by pwnjoonoobit June 27, 2003
Another word for a reaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyyy small dick
Whoa that guy has a danton!
by Peter Answers June 17, 2007

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