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A Russian god known for his extremely large penis and good looks
Gabbie: Wish good luck from Danton for tonight

Andrew: Allright, i'll need it
by Mike Jones!!!!!!!! January 25, 2009
60 28
To find a picture in a text book that closely resembles one of your friends
Guy 1: What the hell are you laughing at?
Guy 2: this picture is such a Danton of you
by alldaylong July 12, 2010
8 13
someone who is very gay and flirty
You are Danton.
by rzuriqo August 19, 2008
23 41
1. Alternate name for 1987 movie "Deadly Prey."
2. Decribes someone stupid and/or a major hardass.
Have you seen Danton? You'll laugh your ass off!

You're Danton!
by pwnjoonoobit June 27, 2003
17 41
Another word for a reaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyyy small dick
Whoa that guy has a danton!
by Peter Answers June 17, 2007
24 52