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Kind, loving man, a great boyfriend. makes a great life partner. Loves to have fun and smoke pot. likes to mate ALOT. very good looking. and the greatest person in the world.
A danners is a sexy Italian Stallion.
by catilina June 25, 2008
Scottish slang for a completely pointless 'look around'
"comin for a danner up town?"
-"aye gan on then ya bawbag"
by jizbagKN February 03, 2009
A really hot person. A guy's guy or one of the boys. Not to smart. Usually Air headish. But still cool. Someone you want to party with. Sometimes jealous.. not really a person that commits to a relationship. A friends with Benefits girl. Sweet but can be a super BITCH.
*If wish she was Danner.

*Person 1:
Is Ally coming to the party?
*Person 2:
Yeah but I wish Danner was coming.
by lovechild187 August 05, 2011