1. asian goddess as some people say
2. a funny little girl
3. a fun and crazy girl who is outgoing
4. a girl from the chinese origin but spent most of her life in the country down under
5. a very intelligent girl
6. a girl who will make your life AMAZINGGGG
danna is the most amazing person that i've met!

by zzzzbbbb August 16, 2008
the most awesomest person in the whole wide world
- a name used to describe some one who is AWESOME
- basically means awesome
yo that chick is danna
by unkwown door February 20, 2010
Danna is the awesomest person ever usually a brunette that is outgoing, great at sports, talented with music, and can make you laugh soooooo hard you'll pee in your pants. She's a girl that you'll want to have and never let go of. She'll make you life AMAZING!!! and she usually is a great kisser and is really sexy.
Guy 1: DUDE!!!
Guy 2: What??
Guy 1: You NEED to get a Danna
Guy 2: Why?
Guy 1: Cause mines amazing
by FrancevsUSA July 10, 2011
japanese for "husband" also geisha use this word for their "sugar daddies"
Mameha's danna gave her the loviest kimono and matching zori shoes!
by pikachu May 29, 2004
Something created out of unbelievable, almost impossible levels of talent, hard-work, and dedication.
Her music is so Danna, she's writing and performing a new song every single day for 365 days ON TOP of her 9-5 day job. I ran out of normal adjectives and had to name one after her.
by WordYoda December 23, 2010
Really bad diarrehea that comes out of your butthole in an explosive manner.
Ex. Dude the other day i was at work, and danna came out.
by sareec November 07, 2010

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