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Business operation of a marijuana dealer. Just as the word "creamery" is sometimes used to describe an icecream shop, a weed dealer runs a "dankery." Can also describe a coffeeshop in Amsterdam, or a medical marijuana dispensary.
- "I'm thinking of getting back into the business."

- "Awesome. You ran quite a dankery back in the day."
by na na na na na February 13, 2011
6 0
Used to describe mad dank bud
That master kush that my friend has is the dankery.

D squad
by D head November 08, 2009
3 0
marijuana, weed, ganja, trees, dro, DANK ASS WEED
I got 5 on that dankery.
Ay, you got that dankery?
by afro thundaa July 08, 2009
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