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teddy grahams plus betty crocker icing
pretty much the same thing as dunkaroos but for a more college age, munchie searching audience.
"those are some delicious dankaroos"
"the most useful thing i learned in college is how to make dankaroos"
"yo after this j lets go get some dankaroos"
by the roobot November 23, 2009
noun. much like the trademark Dunkaroo, which are crackers and icing, Dankaroos are the ultimate sugar-munchie snack, made by dipping Teddy Grahams in Betty Crocker icing.
Essentially they are Dank Dunkaroos, perfect for the college student looking for some munchies to eat.
"Dude, Peter, go make me some Dankaroos"

"I really could go for some dankaroos about now"

"Dankaroos are so delicious"
by DankMunchies November 23, 2009
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