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danism= a form of religion,you belive what you want to belive,when you want to belive it,regardless of ridicule.
for example,one day,if you win the lottery,hook up with a supermodel,get a promotion at work,and buy a new car at almost nothing,you can belive there is a god.the next day you could lose all the money you won in the lottery because of the insurance price of the car,that you tottalled on the way to your newly promoted job that,after you totalled your car,got fired from because you were late the day your car was tottalled,also your supermodel girlfriend will break up with you saying she only liked the car you drove,you could belive there is no god,just like that. that is danism.
by SadistCharm March 09, 2010
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A form of religion based upon the great God Daniel Cox. Founded in 2010 Danism has become one of the primary leading religions in the New Wave of freedom religions. Danism basically consists of doing whatever you want whenever you want while following up to a certain point the basic social rules of the North American society. So basically if your retarted or if you are a douche bag, please stop reading this and go eat carrots.
Fat Joe : In the name of the father, the son ---- interruption
Ralph : I'm tired of praying. I want to party.
Daniel Cox: Join Danism then!
Ralph : ok!
by Danist October 13, 2010
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when a person or persons keep moaning/arguing at a person named dan.
by Lil-Dan September 19, 2008
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