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The Pain A Man Feels Once In A While In His Balls. Its The Second Worst Pain A Man Can Feel ... second TO A Kick In The Balls.

Usually, This Pain Is Gotten From One Of TwoThings:
1. Having Sex All Day And Waking Up The Next Morning
2. Grinding On A Woman But Not Actually Getting Anywhere.
Man 1: Why Are You Walking Funny?
Man 2: Man Ache!
Man 1: Ouch.
by Lil-Dan May 24, 2009
When You Are Made To Be Aware That You Are Single On Feburary The 14th You Don't Have A Valentine.
Person 1: Hey, Do You Have A Valentine?

Person 2: No, Today Makes Me Single Aware.
by Lil-Dan February 14, 2009
Stands For Women These Days. Used By Men That Cant Understand Why Women Would Do A Certain Thing.
Female To Another Female: I bought like 7 pairs of shoes the other day.

Male That Overheard To Another Male: Women These Days (Or WTD), Love Their Shoes!
by Lil-Dan April 17, 2009
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