Universally accepted nickname implying endearment and originating with Chinese-speaking fans of Grammy-nominated American singer/songwriter/entertainer Adam M. Lambert. Origin: Chinese, "yàdāng lán bó tè". Translation to English, "Adam Lambert".
Dang Dang, thank you for bringing your amazing Glam Nation Tour to China and we look forward to your return on your next world tour.
by slickerbitch January 29, 2011
Top Definition
Somebody Very close to yo heart
Artisha is my dang dang
by ''U Fat MotherFucker'' March 12, 2004
Common slang word used for male genitalia.
Guy 1: Come on baby, you wanna see my Dang-Dang?
by Xoon May 23, 2009
A nickname for the drug methemphetamine commonly used in the bay area.
"Hey gurl you wanna hit this dangdang, its hella good"
by thedangerdanginsin February 01, 2013
a males penis
My girlfriend likes to suck on my dangdang
by nick March 02, 2004
Any unidentifiable object. Meaning "Thing-thing"
Girl: Wat dat dang-dang?
by Ookamibito March 03, 2008
A large penis.
"Would you care to suck my dang dang?"
by Nitemare June 24, 2003
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