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An attractive woman, somewhat shy,very loving and thoughtful, and caring. But DON'T PISS HER OFF!!!!! She'll bury you in the garden she loves so much!!!!!
by Only The Right One February 02, 2010
She's a very cool girl, well developed and gorgeous! Shes sporty,sexy,funny, and just a fun person, every guys wet dream. Shes a book worm very shy and just an all around sweetheart. Shes the type of girl to wait for a guy she loves and trusts to give up her v card. But you still might not get it. Shes innocent and sometimes awkward. But when shes mad, you better do something or she will kick your ASS (she mostly has a big ass) with out a second thought. But shes a nice person just get on het good side. She like a wolf loyal to anybody who she thinks as worthy, loves with all of her heart. But when betrayed she'll never trust you again. But all in all a wonderfull personand if you got her keep her. Shes a true friend, lover(shes freakylol) and girlfriend. Dont lose her.
Dayummmm did you see dat ass?????? God pls help me from not smacking it or she'll kick my ass! Im sure thats a danette asss right therrrr
by lll.rr July 03, 2014
The crew of The Dan Patrick show, an American national syndicated radio show. It includes Patrick "Seton" O'Connor, Andrew "McLovin" Perloff, Paul "Paulie" Pabst, and Todd "Fritzy" Fritz.
The Danettes passion bucket is overflowing every morning

ready to break the day's sports stories with host Dan Patrick.
by Cat_Vomit December 08, 2010

In other words.
One hella foinnneeee girllll
damn, did you see her? i better tell john, she's a total DANETTE!"
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