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an extremely adorable, sweet girl who is down to earth. Her petite body and sense of humor make you want her around non-stop. She is the kinda of girl you can take home to mom and is a beast in the sack.
I'm tired of all these dumb sluts. I need me a Danel.
by lesbofo sho February 18, 2009
A really cool guy who is down to earth and secretly extremely intelligent and enjoys discovery channel. He drives a sweet bromobile which pumps sweet beats. In addition to being a cool guy, Danel is an amazingly hott guy who has a big d and hot abs. Danel is also sometimes refereed to as a god as he has a some godly aura which follows him around.
At times he can be nice, gentle and sensitive, but its rare...

Other defenitions of Danel are:

Sexy,Cute and all round smooth talker.

Handsome, intelligent, loving, caring, kind, considerate, wise, humorous, entertaining, etc.

Endowed with overwhelmingly good taste - especially in the ladies.


girl 1: did you see that god figure pumping iron and looking sexy in the gym?

girl 2: hellz yeah! i bet he's a Danel, I'd tap that.

guy 1: yeah me too...
by biobitch March 01, 2009
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