An intense beast of a comedian who is my future hubbay. Needs to be shrined and bowed down to every day.
He puts the FUN in FUNNY.
Hes the Elvis to comedy and I dont care what people say he is amazing!
And shouldnt be referred to anything but Daney Waney <3
Boy: Ew that Dane Cook guy isnt even funny.
Girl: Dont chu mess with Daney Waney or I'll go all Zohan on yo ass!
by Ms. Cook December 19, 2008
A terribly overrated comedian and joke thief whose popularity is in large part due to the teenage girl-fueled bandwagon and slick marketing of the MTV generation. This guy wouldn't have even registered in the radar 10 years ago, but since mediocrity is the norm now, his desperately-pathetic-attention-seeking form of comedy has gained him a devoted fanbase- most of them consisting of gay men, horny menstrating women and TRL-loving idiots who wouldn't know funny if it bit them in the ass. His moronic brand of humor is best suited inside alcohol-soaked fraternities or wherever else lower-IQ idiots who don't know shit about comedy congregate.
Take Jerry Seinfeld's observational schtik, remove all of the actual punch lines, combine it with Jim Carrey's over-the-top goofball antics that were mildly amusing in the early 90s, and viola = Dane Cook.
by comedyfan February 24, 2006
Dane Cook is a comedian that got hit in the FACE!!!! watch his material and you will know what i am talking about
"the tire hunted Mary down... it jumped up, and hit her in the FACE!!!"

-Dane Cook
by eboyd32 June 03, 2007
In my opinion, Dane Cook is the funniest man currently alive. Dane Cook is a stand-up comedian and a Massachusetts native. He is best known for his real-life antics and for his notorious hand gesture the Super Finger, normally shortened to Su-Fi. One of his most recent performances, and my all-time favorite was the Dane Cook: Vicious Circle HBO Special. He is also know for a game he started entitled "Who's In My Mouth?"
Dane Cook- "...And then you get that tap, that sudden just- tap. And who is it? You turn to see who it is, and who is it? The World! The World is behind you saying, 'Uh, yeah, hi. In case you haven't noticed, I'm the fucking world. And, in case you don't know... You're gonna cry."
by Matt October 16, 2006
A decent comedian who has had an unfortunate amount of haters due to allegations that he stole jokes and whatnot, despite there being no sufficient evidence of him doing so.

Some comedian who was relatively unknown before this incident occurred by the name of "Lewis C.K." came out of the woods, and stated there were similarities in jokes. While this may be true, the man has no dates to back up when he said these things, or even evidence they are the same.

Dane Cook is known for his extremely crazy behavior on stage. His wackiness adds to the mood of most of his jokes. He uses observational humor, usually stating things nobody ever really noticed about the small things in life.

Dane Cook has the reputation of being one of the most hated comedians by fellow comedians and by many other people. This is due to the fact that he has been accused of joke stealing, as stated above. He's one of those people you can either watch, or just ignore.
Dane Cook: Did you ever get a really itchy asshole?

Louis C.K.: This is sure funny, I might just come out and say I first said this joke just so I can achieve some fame, despite my jokes being extremely boring and mediocre.
by Da Milkman May 18, 2009
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