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Amazing person,beautiful and unique.
You are soo Danah (you are so beautiful/unique)
by asdfkjuloo April 26, 2009
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The most amazing person you will ever meet. She is absolutely beautiful! She will always be there for you & help you through your times of help, she is actually just amazing, no words can describe her! If you have her as a friend you will know that she is the kindest, most selfless person you will ever meet. She is beautiful inside & out. She has her few close/bestfriends but is friends with everybody. Danah is liked by many, girls, boys, teachers, Everyone! She may not like some people but will always respect them. Everyone wants to be a Danah!
Guy: Whos that amazing person?
Girl: Who? Danah?
Guy: She is beautiful.
by Sa-RAWR(: July 07, 2011
The most ugly thing in the universe.
You fucking Danah.
by Bitchcalledyourmum August 03, 2010

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