A teenager from Northfuild, Vermont who is a hotty and is the coolest person in the world. He is someone smart with brown eyes, black hair, and skinny; though he is the pimp of all time. (He also has a vary big dick)
He will never be able to be like Damon
by Jully January 06, 2005
another word meaning sexy. usually refering to guys.
damn that guy is damon
by BOOM! January 05, 2005
Definitely NOT gay, but is extremely friggin cool, and fun to be around. Especially not one to fit in with sociatey. Sexy.....very much so.
Wow, I wish that guy could act more Damon. He would be way more fun to chill with.
by Sheenaz August 15, 2008
A female pleasurer, that generally has a huge cock.
"Damn Damon's fucking awesome. I wish I was Damon."
by moped45678901 April 30, 2009
the fking sexiest guy you will ever meet in the whole world. Can make you feel amazingg. And is also pretty cocky, but stay away from him because he will break your heart
ouch, Damon is such a pimp ass
by YoMaMa4 April 02, 2010

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