used to emphasize shock or express disbelief
Dayummm you just got slapped by a girl!
Damn bitch.
Damn that boy is fiiiine.
by cazile January 18, 2008
a word that rapper Fabolous cannot pronounce without stuttering it four times
Cause usually with my chips I'm tight
But only green I keep from you, is kryptonite
The way that blue and red suit fits your hips so right
I be like duh-duh-duh-duh, duh-duh-duh-duh-duh DAMN
by Lil Mo December 28, 2004
the word to express multiple emotions, and when you see smething crazy or funny, and have no words to describe it, but this word only
"damN! that chick just fuckin ate shit!"
"damN! i just spilled grape drink on my white tee"
by jdm andrew December 09, 2006
Something you say when mad or anyhting goes wrong. You can say it when happy too.
DAMN! I stubbed my toe on the Door!
DAMN! I Won $1,000.00!
by Tito March 06, 2004
Verbal expression of being excited, surprised, disappointed, ect; The act of being like damn...
Excited-Shaniqua: Madd coped a quarter. John: Damn...

Dissapionted-John: Yo what would you do if you knocked over the bong. Shaniqua: I would be like damn...
by Kasdjjn January 08, 2011
what is ay when i see a page full of deffentions or a name with 300 defentions.
damn! this geeks got notin to do other than sit on their computers and write shit. damn!
by you-aint-no-nan-nigga November 02, 2003
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