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1.Used to describe a person who is born to be successful in every way, including business, sports, music, dancing, even sex.

2.Used to describe a person with unknown hidden talents inside that no one will ever find out about.

3. Someone who is mysterious
That kid is born to be like Daming
He's gonna be a Daming one day

by Dalton Wallius November 13, 2011
The process of spelling Damnit wrong in AOL instant messanger.
Another Finch: Daming, where's that serial number, lol.
Another Finch: *damnit
Dud3thisisboring: daming...lol
Another Finch: haha
Another Finch: Could you call your friend?
Dud3thisisboring: we should put that on urban dictionary
by Jason Rothfeld March 18, 2004