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A beautiful kick-ass girl who makes an awesome girlfriend.
Guy1- Look at that girl
Guy2- She looks just like a Dami
Guy3- She's gotta be a Dami
by young lover July 15, 2010
A highly intellligent, talented, funny African male. He is completely calm, cool, and composed. No one can ever be mad at him, and if they are, they get over it. He will be your boss one day.
Random Girl: "I love you Dami!"
Dami: "Everyone does."
by LilYeezy May 27, 2012
To laugh until one dies
Man, she was damising so hard at my joke, we're holding her funeral next saturday, right before the Ducks game.
by Bob the Dawg October 10, 2013
A male that puts on a false pretence of being a troubled soul that is constantly miserable, but in fact is just highly intelligent and uses this method to get pussy.
Girl: He's so troubled and hurt. I need to change him. I love him.
Her friend: Sista you don't even know gurl he such a Dami!
by WhiteKanye January 23, 2012
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