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A school in Milnthorpe in Cumbria, UK
The greatest rival to the notorious QES, the oppressed students are forced to carry blue or red 'uniform cards' to be checked if they have made the slightest alteration to the dress code: of a shirt, tie, trousers, belt, moonboots, straightjacket and a gag, prescribed by the boss, Big Steve.

Dallam is also known to be home to many lost Europeans spouting incoherent nonsense about their IB and CAS hours.
A: Did you see that crazy French kid the other day?
B: Must have been from Dallam.
by IBkid May 30, 2012
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Dallam school is located in Milnthorpe,

It is currently the arch nemisis of QES and have been locked in a constant battle of wit, strength and fights. Although Dallam have been set out as a sporting school they constantly fail to win any academic or sporting win over QES.

Dallam students are known to use aggresive and dirty tactics when they do not get their own way. QES call this kind of mischievery Scum play, this is why QES students commonly refer to Dallam students as Scum.

In some days of the school year Dallam have an annual Purge in the school in which the pupils run riot causing lots of damage. If perhaps you are wondering when this day is, the exact date is every day of the school year.

Students often are refurred to councillors but on most occasions shank the councillor and run off.
Dallam pupil: Hey pass me the ball
QES pupil: Sorry I don't want scum on it
Dallam pupil then kicks QES student in the balls but as all Dallam pupils are weak af they do no damage and the QES student K.Os them in one punch
by Baconboyz September 05, 2016
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