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The prettiest girl you will ever meet , likes narwhals (;
is probably the funniest girl in the world & i love her .

& has the cutest freckles :3
Oh my narwhal , look , its the prettiest girl ever , daisha !
by dokewhal96 January 18, 2010
The prettiest girl you will ever meet,is probably the funniest girl in the world,her mother birth a leagen,the meaning of her name is Alive, she who lives. shes popular she have fake friends and real ones she play the fake ones like games and treat the real ones with love and spice.shes mix her love is taken by someone only her friends know,the most realest and loveabled, maddd funny,cute pretty never fake the badest 1 smart and the best dress with many styles thats not just 1,her favorite word is PINK TACOS, her colors she adore is red black and pink she not the same she unique and thats just make her Daisha.
daisha act like a lady but truely a boss
by Raven McRose April 29, 2013
one of the prettiest girls you'll meet, has an amazing sense of humor, and is a hopless romantic, she usually stays to keeping most if not everything to herself, she loves mostly everyone, and cant stand being disliked by someone
haha she acts like a Daisha
by 😛😛 January 17, 2015
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