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A nardly lookin' homeslice who caps crusty bustas and leans like a G. Dailybacons tend to be sweet at final fantasy 11 and often come in long, skinny varieties. Dailybacons have a strong dislike for furries and hate crab-walkin' sissies. A key phrase used by Dailybacons is kon kon. If you see a Dailybacon who is acting like a crab-walker, he is most definitely an impostor trying to camouflage themselves.
I suggest you run less you want both your legs broken by a Dailybacon, you crab-walkin' sissy busta furry!
by AbJ32 June 11, 2008
Someone who constantly says the word 'nardly'
That guy is sooooo Dailybacon
Hey look in the sky! It's DAILYBACON!
by FrostedBitesCereal February 16, 2008
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