Shortened form of The Fuck. Also used instead of What The Fuck. Pronounced as "the fuck".

Shortened by people, who do not want to, or at the moment too annoyed to, pronounce the whole phrase "what the fuck".

Shortened also because it can be typed faster and/or to avoid explicitly typing the word "fuck".

Usage same as the words fuck, the fuck and what the fuck

Urban Dictionary: "Example can't be blank"
Me: dafaq?!

Said by a little boy who was expecting a pony but has received a dog as his birthday gift:
"I asked for a pony; dafaq is this ?"
by rhysclark8 June 13, 2012
Top Definition
Something like "...The Fuck?!"
Somebody walks on his hands down the street and meows. That's a "dafaq".
by mansurs August 29, 2011
Trying to say what the fuck when something shocking or weird happens .
What in dafaq was that
by gamejinx27 April 03, 2014
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