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Roughly translates to "hustling." Can be used to refer to hooking up with the opposite sex (wolk daddying) but "daddying" can be used liberally for many activities. Sometimes used to signify the domination of some activity (hustling real hard).
Jeremy: ay tackett, i just daddied some old head furniture.

Tackett: nice crane. you know furnish u is gonna go big.

Jeremy: pretty much, pretty much.

Strauss: so much daddying.
#wolk daddy #wolkdaddy #wolk beer #daddying #young bull
by Old Head Young Bull November 04, 2010
The act of drinking a lot of beer in one sitting
Bro1:Yo, how many daddys have I had?

Bro2:I don't know bro but im still in the process of Daddying right now!!
#facing #boozing #beer #sipping #getting drunk
by Daddy #2 July 19, 2009
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