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Present participle of the verb "to dad".
To care for offspring in a very male way. Often, but not always, accomplished with beer, tv, and half-truths. Successful dadding involves the child being whole and unmarked, clean, fed, in diapers and PJs, and napping/asleep by the time the partner returns from whatever they were doing.
"I didn't get the chance to clean up the apartment, repair the front porch, or wash the cars. I was dadding"
"Our child is fed, bathed, and asleep. Nice dadding!" (Alternate usage: "Our child is still alive and in one piece. Nice dadding!")
by Dang_elf January 13, 2013
Dadding or getting dadded, is when one yells out or loudly says "Dad?" and simply basks in the glory of the confusion they have caused.

Dadding can be done to anyone at any time, the more spontaneous the better. Dadding is more fun to do with friends because you will all get a laugh out of the situation.
Example 1:(In a car with friends at a red light, random guy at bus stop looks at us)

Me: Dad?
Random guy: What? I don't have any kids?

Example 2:

Dave: Last night was weird dude.

Johnny: What do you mean?
Dave: I mean some random kid called me dad and it confused me.

Example 3:

Billy: I'm so drunk right now, I'm just dadding every guy I see.

Jim: I know dude it's hilarious, we gotta make a YouTube video of people's reactions or some shit.

Billy: Alright just tell me if any cops are coming I'm trying to piss.
by Notdad January 16, 2014
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