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Stands for Day After Drinking Diarrhea. When your colon has too much liquid in its system. Body rejects alcohol from the night before.
I have such bad Dadd today, I drank way too much last night.

Dude, my Dadd smells like tequila.
by blackouttie January 04, 2010
Dads Against Daughters Dating
We DADDs will shoot a boy if he gets our daughter pregnant (only applies if they are NOT married or engaged)
by Little Miss Windsor 2003 June 30, 2014
In The Bahamas the word 'Dadd' is used to describe a male or female that gets all the leg. He/ she has to pay no charge to get leg. The leg that he/ she gets in return may stalk or follow him/ her.

When he/ she leaves the house there's leg outside.
When he comes out of the car there's leg outside.
When he comes home there's leg inside.
When he goes to KFC the leg is free of charge.

Tenses: Daddy, Dad, Daddio, Mac-Daddy, Father, Mr-Gentlemen Sir, Father-hood, Grandadd
* Dadd walks in and meets a girl in his house *

Dadd: Why are you in my house?

Girl: I brought delivery.

Dadd: What delivery? Lemme guess. Its leg?

Girl: Yes yes, Indeed, cause you are a "Dadd'"
by Dadd1990 December 05, 2011

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