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A dead face. Sometimes used when screaming or scared. Similar to D:
1. I just got eletricuted! DX
2. Hellooooooo?!?! DX
3. After watching that movie, I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight DX
by The_Epic_Chic October 28, 2009
An epic failure of spelling epicness.
The noob spelling of epicness.
A Noob IM Chat:
n00b 1: d00d! +h@+ m0vi3 w@$ +0+@l epiknizz!
n00b 2: i n0 d00d! +0+@l epiknizz!!
by The_Epic_Chic August 24, 2009
The oddly addicting anime-themed forum site that is guaranteed to crush any beliefs that you have that your art is good, unless you have a decent amount of deviantART watchers. You earn gold by surfing the site, posting in the forums, voting in the arenas, winning contests, and more. That gold (along with cash that you can either buy with real money or complete those fake offers about what diapers are the best, even though, unless you have a mental condition, don't even use yourself) is used to buy things like clothes, hairstyles, tattoos, items, and more.
Person 1: "Whatcha doin?"
Person 2: "Lurking in the Gaia Online forums o_O"
by The_Epic_Chic September 06, 2009
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