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Drippy Wet Vagina- when a friend is being real cunty about something that normal people usually don't get cunty about, unless they are on the rag and trying to be difficult.
Jack: Hey scott, want to go to la ruana for lunch today?
Scott: I don't know, i gotta hit the cash machine and get some money. and who's gonna drive ? and well i'm not really that hungry yet. so ummm yeah, i don't know
Jack: dude, why are you such a DWV today? gimme a break, here's a tampon ! mutha fuka please ! !
by jack the wack February 03, 2009
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An acronym for Dirty White Vans. Originated in Washington by a group of Juanita high schoolers When their super fresh white vans got dirty and were too broke to buy a new pair.
Austin: "Dang bro your vans got fucked up"
Jarett: "yeah i know but im broke af so im just rockin the DWVs for now"
Austin: "Doooooppppeee"
by BBWslayer May 18, 2015
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