Abbreviation/ Acronym for " Don't Worry About It".
"Hey what did you get on that test?"
by YehItsNate June 25, 2013
dont worry about it, often used on aim or facebook chat
Peter: yo man where are you going tomarrow night?
by legendnugg January 26, 2010
Don't worry about it. it doesn't mean anything. you either get it or you don't
"Yo man whats going on tonight?"
"Whats that mean?"
"Don't worry about it"
"ok i won't"

by Seriously, Dont worry about it March 03, 2010
An acronym for the phrase, "Don't Worry About It." Used when an annoying ass person tries to get into a conversation or when you just wanna keep something on the DL. When used on aim it is just spelled dwai but when used in person it is pronounced "D-Way".
You: Dude did you hear about megan making out with chelsea at the party last night?
Kyle: Yeah man i saw it, those two girls are sooo slutty
Noob: HEY GUYS!!!11 what girls are u talking about??!!??
You: Dwai bitch...
Noob: ahhh c'mon guys im cool ill keep it locked up in the grilly
Kyle: noob...stop trying to do it....dwai
by Doc W Dubz AKA Winga April 22, 2006
Acronym for "dude went all in". Commonly used in NL poker games when a player goes all in. Pronounced D, W, A, I. Usually an exciting moment. DWAI!! DWAI!!
Don: Did you see that?!! DWAI with 2,2!!!!
Kevin: Obv.
by Cucci May 22, 2008
Don't Worry About It
"Hey man, DWAI."

"dude, DWAI"
by nickyr2 April 21, 2007
Don't worry about it.
Abbreviations used by many AOL users, made popular by a colored georgian boy who loves his keyboard and making up with elite h4x0r sl4ng with deaf people who also apparently can hear stuff on the internet.
jobob:wtf you looking at it
africa: dwai
by john March 03, 2004

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