1) Depleted Uranium, a substance with incredible military value, and some minor(and horribly blown out of proportion) health risks attached to its use.

2) The Democratic Underground, the biggest bunch of raving lunatics the world has seen in my lifetime. Noted for absurd conspiracy theories, instant banning of any disagreeing viewpoints, and general stupidity.
1) Anyone who says that DU is a radiation risk is an idiot(toxological risk maybe, but not radiological)

2) Don't judge the left by the DU, even a righty like me doesn't hate them that much.
by Alsadius February 05, 2004
Top Definition
When something really lame occurs, one may exclaim "D.U."
"D.U. Look at that drunken construction worker piss on himself."
by stink-foot January 15, 2007
DU(Drunks united) was started on October 15, 2006 by Thomas G from Smithtown High School. Immediately members flocked to DU marking the start of DU as we know it today. Later, three unusually slutty women(ranging from 130-450 lbs), joined followed by a junior at the time. Two months later these ladies were dropped from the group. DU has a total penis length of 250 feet, and is ethnically 83% white and 17% nazi. A negligible percent are asian.
"Wow that one kid in DU is fucking retarded."
by Roger Shankar December 03, 2006
A contracted form of the word dude. In the same way foo is the shortened version of fool.
What's up du?

Oh...come on du, hurry up!
by Aberwyvern February 23, 2005
Do and you combined
Du have any chocolate?
Du want a hand?
Du like ice-cream?
by Nix AKA the almighty June 16, 2014
fellatio; blow job; oral sex performed on a male; acronym for "drink up"
Male: Ayo shorty when Imma get that D.U.!
Female: You got me twisted! I don't put my mouth on nothin!
Originated at Lincoln University in Missouri
by izwhateva July 18, 2010
Acronym - Dangerous Underpants Situation
This is my last clean pair! D.U.S!
by Sam Parsons February 08, 2004
Short Fa Dude, Created By Me
Wuss Hatnin My Du'
Wut Tha Bidniss Iz
by JUSTIND August 31, 2006
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