compadre, amigo, friendly folk, compa,
dude spoken with a trailing, marijuana-influenced accent. (Valley Sheep Talk)
This shi' is hella tight du'
by LeRoy Mambeaux November 13, 2003
Condition, State
achievable through different methods. e.g. Drugs, Alcohol, Acts of randomness

But Du must not be equal to Ich
Me: Im "Du" not "Ich"
Jaschi: But I'am "Du" too, so who is "Ich"
by Shadowsteel April 16, 2011
Commonly-used, abbreviated form of Delta Upsilon, the first non-secret fraternity, currently the world's only international non-secret, non-hazing fraternity. North America's fifth oldest fraternity, it was founded at Williams College, Mass in 1834.

It is also currently Canada's largest fraternity with 5 chapters. Commited to Building Better Men, Delta Upsilon's non-secrecy allows it to be held accountable to its four founding principles, the development of character, the promotion of friendship, the diffusion of liberal culture, and the advancement of justice.

Dikaia Upotheke, Justice our Foundation
I rushed DU, because I don't see the point of keeping a fraternity's values and rituals a secret.
by D_$ September 23, 2007
Depleted Uranium. Is used in the penetrators of anti-tank ammunition.
The A-10 fires 30mm DU rounds with it's GAU-8 main cannon.
by SpaceMarine May 16, 2003
Phonetic or slang spelling of the word 'do' and the German word 'du', meaning 'you'. Du hash.
Du what u gotta du. Why don't u du ur homework? Du ur job, man. I du things u don't du. Well, during this period u haven't been duing ur assignments. Du u get me?
by Edwin P. January 29, 2008
Code for the Democratic Underground web site. Used on other web sites that don't want to be found by DU residents searching for people talking about the DU. Sometimes used as DUh.
"Man those whacked out liberals over at DU banned me on my second posting challenging them to actually think about a conservative point of view"
by Paul@ARFCOM October 11, 2005
1) Depleted Uranium, a substance with incredible military value, and some minor(and horribly blown out of proportion) health risks attached to its use.

2) The Democratic Underground, the biggest bunch of raving lunatics the world has seen in my lifetime. Noted for absurd conspiracy theories, instant banning of any disagreeing viewpoints, and general stupidity.
1) Anyone who says that DU is a radiation risk is an idiot(toxological risk maybe, but not radiological)

2) Don't judge the left by the DU, even a righty like me doesn't hate them that much.
by Alsadius February 05, 2004
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