Double Ugly.

-someone who falls in the catagory of being ugly
-completely unattractive.
"OMG look at that girl over there!"
"Shit man, she's a DU!"
by iheartugly June 17, 2009
German word mostly used by young people when talking to each other.
If you understand a little German, there's a sample below.
Kommst du aus dänemark ?
by Nemesis6 February 10, 2003
common short hand in calculus to indicate the derivative of u
u = sin x
du = cos x dx
by William The third September 17, 2004
A word used to describe the most gay asian ever.
Jerry Du is a complete DU!
by Jerry'sabitch March 17, 2010
someone who acts like a total ass.
dude, justin timberlake is a total du!
by dumdeedum March 01, 2003
A word that is fun to pronounce that is also another way to say "do." Also say "ah du" means "I do."
Duuu you want to go to the movies? Ah du!
by Not tellin' ya November 18, 2003
A really fucked up substance the americans use to coat shells / bullets so that they go through tanks. PS this has also fucked Iraq up so much that if you go there youll probably get cancer within about 5 minutes of getting there
Iraq's fucked up, lets fill Iran with D U instead...
by anti-war November 25, 2003
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