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The Technical University of Denmark (Danish: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet).
A: I'm trying to find DTU.

B: DTU? Just ride your bike uphill until you're surrounded by horse paddocks, the buildings all look the same and where the carparks are being excavated. When you haven't seen any girls for an hour, then you're in DTU.

A: Tusind tak!
by onewhaleid November 26, 2007
DTD is an acronym for "double thumbs up".
When asked how he found the show, Dave announced that he was giving it the DTU.
by DC July 12, 2004
An acronym meaning Dick Throw Up, which could be used as a noun (i.e. semen), or as a verb (i.e. ejaculate).
noun: You've got a little DTU on the corner of your mouth.

verb: I'm about to DTU, should I pull out?
by Jefferson217 September 12, 2008

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