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- stands for 'Down to Nap'

1. To be ready and or in need of a nap.

2. When bored or procrastinate by napping.


DTN^2 - 'Down to Nap Naked'
DNT- 'Designated Nap Time'
yeah, i just got home from class and I'm for sure DTN
by hypractv November 26, 2010
do the nasty
me and that girl are gonn dtn all night
by blinger007 August 21, 2008
DTN means Downtown ass Nigga

This refers to low lives that hang around the downtown area of Atlanta. They usually wear some of the listed:
-fake namebrand (ex:True Religions, in their case False Prophecy)
-Big jackets with a very distinct orange interior
-pants that are ENTIRELY too big or highwaters
-scruffy hair
-say lame stuff such as "on deck"
-dirty fingernails
-ashy knuckles
This DTN tried to talk to me...EW
by Jessie Kardashian February 04, 2010

acronym which stands for "Don't Tell Nick", you can also substitute the N for the person you are referring to, example given, DTA, or "Don't Tell Alex"

1. to define a moment in which you do not want someone to find out what you and others have done.

2. to define a moment in which two or more persons are party to or in witness of an event that would be not approved, frowned upon and/or not sanctioned by a professional authority, usually one person in particular.

3. commonly used among participants of AHI's Summer Program.
Beeresta DTN status
by Tsongas4Ever August 12, 2011
Down To Nom: When you're stoked and excited to eat.
Meaghan: I'm starving.
Claire: Agreed, I'm DTN
by Levittron September 26, 2010
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