short for "Downtown LA" or "Downtown Los Angeles"
Girl: Are you in Pasadena yet?
Guy: No I'm still in DTLA, it'll be about 4 more hours.
by zooeyville April 07, 2010
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Short for "Didn't Type, Long Answer"
Dude1 <text message>: why didn't you give me details, fool?
Dude2 <text message>: DTLA
by BillyR May 21, 2015
I short form for Down To Lick Anus
Hey girl i sure hope your DTLA, or else im gonna go wack on yo ass
by fishy boy August 05, 2009
-Dick taste like ass.

After anal sex, your dick taste like ass.
Dude you should really wash that dick after fucking in the ass, because you got that DTLA.
by trashy gay dude May 16, 2015
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