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a girl who's like one of the guys, the girl version of bro
joe: sup bra?
ally: not much dude
by zooeyville January 04, 2009
an abbreviated form of "fucking cunt bitch whore"
A: god jessica is such a slut!
B: I know, she's a total fucutchore!
by zooeyville June 01, 2009
an mtv show that allows you to laugh at people with tourettes syndrome and other legit problems without guilt
hailey: hey did you see that episode of true life with that kid with tourettes?
josh: dude yeah that shit was funny.
by zooeyville January 03, 2009
jackass meets musical talent
Hugh: dude blink 182 is some sick music
Gilbert: i know man they are ridiculous i love it
by zooeyville January 03, 2009
short for "Downtown LA" or "Downtown Los Angeles"
Girl: Are you in Pasadena yet?
Guy: No I'm still in DTLA, it'll be about 4 more hours.
by zooeyville April 07, 2010

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