Down To Clown; Party, get crazy, laugh... etc..
As in:

"Hey man you DTC tonight?"

"For sure... I'm always DTC!"
by FTD, The Boss November 07, 2011
Down to cupcake.
That girlie from Bump hit me up and asked if I was DTC.
by DLishh September 12, 2011
Degrassi Tumblr Community
A: The DTC is kickass!
A: Degrassi Tumblr Community
by DTCFan134 June 21, 2011
acronym for deep throat contest
how do we know who is the bigger slut?

by shaboygen April 10, 2011
A phrase commonly used, when an individual has performed an act where their partner or spouse should not be informed about.
you alright mate?".."yeah fine thanks, ahhh how about yourself" "...not good, I've just shit myself again. DTC!
by SamWOS November 23, 2010
Down to cuddle.
Lauren just sent me a text asking if I was DTC? It's a start...
by PoundsLBs December 10, 2009

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