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8 definitions by shsthaniel

adjective; originated in Olney, MD (Sherwood), to describe an idiotic person. It is also used to describe a bama, dumb-ass, or an uptight person.
"damn Mike you thaniel like shitt son!"
"Naa... its cuz i need a new orioles hat"
by shsthaniel May 21, 2009
a homeboy/girl that stays at home ignoring any and almost every offer to go hang out outside of a 30 feet radius of his/her house due to being lazy or not having transportation, such as a car. The home ass nigga also hates to use public transportation, such as the ride-on or metro bus. The home ass nigga may also tend to ask for rides consistently, even if it is inconvenient for others.
synonym- house nigga
mo: "Yo, lets get Dialo and go mack at these heads."

mike: "fuck him, that home ass nigga. he ain't got no car and he dont party no more... he say heount smoke no more"
by shsthaniel September 16, 2009
noun; the fact or state of being a potential copp, or purchase.

derived from the words copp and "possibilities"
"Hagerstown Outlet Mall is full of coppibilities!"
by shsthaniel December 28, 2009
an expression to describe when someone disses another and the victim is incapable of a comeback.
I left that bitch under the tree when she didn't thank me for opening the first door, so I let go of the second door and it hit her in the face.
damn yo, he left yo salty ass under the tree when he took your girl upstairs
by shsthaniel April 08, 2010
the state of a concept, idea, or opinion reflecting a certain inherent truth regarding a person, a place, or thing.

quite often pronounced "DAAAAAA TROOF"
D: a-a-all the JAP girls at UMCP color-blind racists
by shsthaniel November 30, 2010
an expression usually called out immediately after a comically ironic or unexpected situation comes forth; also used when one contradicts someone or him else.
illy: DUDE, dina is totally diggin me tonight
*dina walks in*
dina: illy, hook me up with mo
D: op!
by shsthaniel November 30, 2010
pronounced: aeng-wahsh

A variation of English which is spoken when one is brushing his or her teeth.

Commonly spoken where bathrooms are shared; popular among married couples.

The term "Aengwesh" comes from when a tooth brusher says "English".
M: wa eg-am yu ha taday?
Dan: ah caht tahk, brahin ma teeh
M: ah cahn. ehsh caud speekin Aengwesh
by shsthaniel December 17, 2010