hey little spoon! you DTC? ;)
by PetMyWolverine August 14, 2011
Top Definition
Down to cuddle!
I'm always DTC with cute puppies!
by marykate6969 April 19, 2009
When used in an intelligent context, stands for "Deep Thinking Club," a state of mind and style of life during which one philosophizes with friends either online or in real life about a wide range of topics, whether in the brainy realms of politics and the reason for existence or in the heartfelt throes of theocracy and especially romance.
Ted: Hey guys, I've been having this one weird dream over and over again.
Jeremy: Is it the one about popcorn?
Ted: Yeah. I wonder what it means.
Nick: What we really need to ponder is not what YOUR dream means, but perhaps what the ESSENCE of a dream means?
Mike: I sense a DTC coming up.
Ted: DTC at my house.
by Sc0rpXLR July 14, 2011
It means "Down to Cuddle". Similar to DTF (Down to fuck) but to cuddle instead
Boyfriend: hey baby girl you dtc?
Girlfriend: yea babe
by lolhugs September 28, 2012
D.T.C. stands for "down to cuddle"...it is a take on the traditional acronym D.T.F., or "down to fuck". When someone is desiring human affection in a non-sexual manner, they are ready to cuddle with someone.
Amy: Sarah, I'm cold and lonely...do you want to snuggle with me?

Sarah: Sure, I'm D.T.C.

Amy: Thank God, I'm freezing!
by katienedsfilthyfilms September 19, 2010
In french 'Dans ton cul'
or In Your Ass

Used when somebody asks where is such or such thing or a person.
You answer DTC !

Powered by GiNs
- "Where is Mike ?"
--> "DTC" or Dans ton cul
or "In your ass !"
by GiNs April 20, 2005
Down to cuddle
Man this couch is small... But I guess I'm DTC...
by brYsturr November 11, 2013
Similar to being "down to fuck" (DTF), one can show that they want to cuddle with someone simply by stating that they are "down to cuddle" (DTC).
"I'm DTC"
"I've heard she's DTC"
by AdamHJ June 25, 2014
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