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Death To All Men

When a man irritates or pisses a woman off, she may or may not be inclined to think about the demise of the male species. If she refers to the annihilation of men she will most likely say Death To All Men (DTAM) (d-tam)
Rita: Johnny stole all my shit after he fucked me. He just fucked and ran away with some Bimbo.

Rhonda: "Death To All Men... DTAM... DTAM"

Any given Woman: "He fucked me then he fucked my roommate. DTAM"
by kathy acker May 05, 2011
short for "don't take another motherf*cking step"
*criminal moves closer*

Officer Jones: "DTAMS!!"
by Reno_911 June 17, 2009
down to arranged marriage.
I am an Indian female pre-med, so I'd totally be dtam if I can't find a boyfriend before I get to my third year of med school.
by acronym lover February 27, 2011