down to abort. one who is willing to get an abortion, usually referring to the woman
it turns out she wasn't pregnant, but she was dta anyways.
by charliemcchaplin December 22, 2010
The alternative to the commonly used DTF.
DTA is ones willing to be down to anal sex.
Are you DTA?
by I'll Lick That October 10, 2010
Death to Africa
The dta movement is starting to pick up with the recent dta marches downtown.
by billy the american kid December 30, 2011
Drop The Attitude
Honey...dta !
by JarskiNYC January 15, 2010
Down to Absinthe
It is some of the strongest alcohol in the world and has hallucinogens in it. (Up to 85% alcohol by volume)
Persons have known to be seeing extremely strange things.

This expression is used often by Americans in foreign countries, mostly in Europe as Absinthe is illegal in the United States.

It's used in normal speech just as a slang expression. referring to later activities, if one wants to take absinthe later or are ok with it.
Mary: Hey...what's up?
Doug: not much, you DTA tonight?

Mary: Hell yeah, hope i don't think I'm fucking a donkey this time.

Ex 2:
Doug: Hellz yeah brah!
by MDOH July 25, 2010
DTA is a casual acronym for Dick-Taking Abilities, and refers to the 'fuckability' of a girl, or more simply "how well she could take a dick," on a numerical scale. Therefore 1 would be very poor while 10 would be amazing. Typically the hotter the girl, the higher the rating, and the uglier than the lower. If a girl is ridiculously hot, sometimes her DTA would be an 11 or 12, because the standard scale stops at 10.
Damn, that chick is fine. Her DTA is at least an 8. Oh and her friend--the pimply fat one?--maybe a 3, if you paperbag her.
by Abaddon Uziel July 20, 2010
Don't Type Anything
Sophia: My paranoid dad is coming DTA

There's supposed to be no reply
by Fried Pickles October 19, 2009

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