abbreviation for "dog shit taco," used to describe the state of feeling like shit.
I feel like DST...I drank way too much last night!
by brenden z January 16, 2006
Top Definition
Similar to the DTs (delirium tremens) of an alcoholic, the DSTs occur when you wake up the day after a daylight savings time change. The main symptom is utter confusion: "Is this clock showing the correct time?" "Did this other clock automatically set?" "Was it 'spring forward, fall back', or 'spring back, fall forward'?
Michael: "Dwight, why are you so late? And why do you have a dazed look in your eyes?"
Dwight: "Sorry, Michael, I've got the DSTs."
by Jimmy the Swartz November 07, 2011
Abbreviation for the term "Do Stupid Things".
Guy #1: Wow, that girl over there is hot.. I think I'm gonna go over and talk to her..
Guy #2: Just dun DST and talk about your stamp collection like you did the other time..

You only had 1 beer and you're already DST-ing. I wanna see wad happens when you get really drunk, man.
by mxz August 22, 2010
DST, or daylight saving time, is both a blessing and a curse. Its purpose is to make the day longer (daylight saving) by setting clocks forward one hour. This initially screws us over by depriving us of one hour of sleep on the first saturday night in April. However, it also allows us to enjoy the sunlight for an extra hour in the summertime, letting us party hardy every night for that extra 60 minutes.
Jim: DST fucked me over last night, I only got 5 hours of sleep.
Bill: Yeah but think of all the extra daylight we will have this summer, during which we can party hardy.
by The General April 04, 2004
1.) Dick Sucking Teeth. When a female has a set of crooked teeth alerting the opposite sex that she loves to dish out steam dogs.
Jon: Did you see that little blonde?

Matt: U shitten me? Of course I did. That blonde with the sneaky tats and the DST's?

Jon: Exactly.
by Schoener February 27, 2008
"Deaf Standard Time"

is the delayed time, or lag between the hearing world and the deaf world
when a deaf person is talking
and they say
10 minutes
this relates to aprox 30+
"Sorry, i'm still on DST. "
"Do you mean CST or DST?"
by Deaf Girl November 23, 2011
DST (Down-Syndrome-Teddy) is a very rare type of the mental disability down syndrome. A person with DST has down-syndrome and the facial features of a teddy bear and an Asian person. Their is only one known case in the UK and the world.
Tom you are a DST!!
by MrChow March 21, 2010
Dick Sucking Tongue
Example 1:

creepy guy 1: Did you see the girth of her tongue?
creepy guy 2: DST for sure. Designed for pleasure. Many millenia of evolution to achieve.

Example 2:

You know she has DST: Those multilingual tongues are artful at sucking dick.
by creepy guy ie January 22, 2011
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