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Day Student Girl. Generally obnoxious, fickle, spoiled, foolish, and fabulously sexy. Really only heard at or around Milton Academy, an incredible prep school in Milton, MA with a kick ass independent newspaper.
"Dude, my article was rejected for a stupid editorial by a DSG."
"Quiet man, I'm trying to read about the college process."
by Anonymous January 14, 2005
An acronym for "do something good"
Person 1: i feel like there is no purpose to my life :(
Person 2: go out and dsg! always makes you feel better!
by zimbotheclown November 18, 2013
Day Student Girl: A term used in private boarding schools for non-boarding white girls who are obsessed with Starbucks, LuluLemon, Uggs, and Vineyard Vines.
Also called DSB (Day Student Boy).
I'm such a DSG today, because I am drank Starbucks this morning.
Look at that girl wearing those Uggs; she's such a DSG.
Any girl who would walk 3 miles for Starbucks is a DSG.
by saltydalty June 09, 2014
Down syndrome girl. A term coined to describe girls who just look really... off. Oftentimes used to discreetly comment on a girl's facial or fashion appearance, or used literally to comment on a girl's general intelligence.

Variant "DSB" is also used for "down syndrome bro".
"Dude, I'm dating Ashley! She's so hot!"
"Really? She looks like a DSG..."

"I heard she got a 10 on her ACT. Totally DSG."

"How many Downs' do you think that DSG has?"
by snvsk June 18, 2012
A DSG is a DickSuckingGangsta, if you are a DSG you appear to be cool but really are quite gay.
Look at Evan, he's such a DSG.
by pennnykcampbell January 09, 2009
stands for Direct Shift Gearbox.
It's the Audi equivalent of the BMW SMG, Ferrari F1, Lambo Egear (...) gearbox.

Not an auto transmission although it can act like one in Auto mode.

Basically a robotized manual transmission with electronic command of the clutch and gear changes through paddles behind the steering wheel.

Not to be mistaken with a say Tiptronic which is just an Automatic transmission with upshift/downshift buttons (much slower gear changes).

I test drove the new A3 with DSG, although it's smove and fast I'd rather have a 3rd pedal !
by kaiv one November 02, 2006
"Down Skeet Gang" A very violent and attractive gang originating from Massachusetts. Entrance to this gang requires blowing of diesel lines, killing hookers, babies, and robbing banks.

The gang has rules, such as not to bury the dead babies with the hookers because thats just SKETCHY. DSG is a very violent and dangerous gang and any members should be approached with EXTREME CAUTION.

The gang members represent themselves with a paisley green bandana hung from the left side (much like snoop dog and the crypts).

Although the letters DSG do not stand for Drugs Sex Guns, we assure you theres plenty of Drugs, Sex, and Guns involved with DSG activities.
"All 27 banks in Worcester County were robbed today, authorities say that local crime syndicate DSG are being held responsible. No Arrests have been made"

"Ahhhhhh shit, DSG dun dropped a cop again"
by Endless Night November 01, 2006
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