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Dick Sucking Eyes
Oh my god she had some sweet DSE
by Kyle Lad September 26, 2009
Dripping Sexual Energy
A level of sexual energy that has been physically and mentally contained for so long that it almost literally is dripping off of one's person. When it is released, the effect is mind-numbing. The nerves of the person(s) in question become inflamed and peak sexual arousal is easily achieved.
Jessica and Cameron had been apart for so long that when their DSE was unleashed, the universe came to a halt.
by C-Natural October 10, 2009
Dick Smith Electronics is an Australasian electronics retailer founded in 1968 by Dick Smith. The business started as a small car radio installation business in the Sydney suburb Artarmon, but has expanded to the point where it currently employs more than 2,000 people
Im off to DSE to get some blank cds
by Jimbobalopagus April 15, 2007
abbreviation for "Donald Sterling Effect"
guy 1: "I was looking through this girl's pictures on Facebook and came across pictures of when she was in high school. Is it wrong for me to think sexually about those pictures?"

guy 2: "That's that DSE. Just don't let anyone find out and you're good."
by BatmanZoe April 28, 2014
DSE - Means Dick Sucking Eyes. A girl who has those crazy, beautiful big eyes that when she looks up to you while sucking your dick and makes eye contact, a medusa style power occurs and you cum.
John: "Man she had some DSE's!"
Joe: "You mean DSL's?"
John: "Nah man! Dick Suckin Eyes!"
Joe: "FO REAL!"
by Virgin Daddy November 26, 2011
european word for DDR or dance dance revolution (it means Dancing stage euromix)
by Cully April 01, 2003
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