Abbreviation; "destroying something beautiful"; while enraged or in an HOL state, to find something miraculously beautiful and destroy it to such an extent that it can no long be considered remotely attractive or pleasing to the eyes ; HOL has commonly been known to lead to DSB

Origin: Edward Norton in Fight Club
"I felt like destroying something beautiful (DSB)." - Fight Club
by Jacob Bl June 04, 2007
Top Definition
Deadly Semen Buildup ~ Medical condition caused by prolonged lack of sex. Fatal if not treated.
"I'm pissy because I have DSB"
by Rhia August 09, 2004
Damn Straight Bitch.

Tryna set a bitch straight? Look no farther. Just respond DSB, and all your problems will be solved.
Guy: Blow me

Girl: Do I have to?

Guy: DSB
by Bitchhhxxx January 06, 2011
DSB = Deadly Sperm Buildup- as in your balls are full and they are going to explode.
We made out for an hour and it was so hot I got DSB and thought I was going to die!
by RobbieF November 15, 2005
DSBs(dee esss beez) or Deadly Sperm Build-up (noun,adj)

1. Disorder/disease typically found in married men/ men in long term relationships.
2. Caused by prolonged teasing by grossly immoral, deceptive, cruel, vicious women.
3. A pathological condition characterised by psychosis, manic depression, scrotal cyst infection, penile atrophe, testicular eruption, paralysis.
4. A most effective ploy in getting women to put out.
c'mon! it's just a BJ ... I can die from the DSBs!

by Goosestep September 26, 2007
Deadly Semen Build-up. A large quantity of sperm and semen in the testicles. Meaning it's been awhile since you got laid. Often leading to frequent cases of blue balls
I need to get laid, I've got a case of DSB
by krunchie December 03, 2003
Don't Stop Believing
Jeff: "Dude, I'm going to quit my job"
Seth: "DSB bro"

Jeff: "It doesn't fit"
Seth: "DSB man"

Jeff: "I'm going to die tomorrow"
Mike: "DSB for life."
by cholodeyolo September 17, 2012
Male version of PMS. DSB- deadly sperm back-up, caused by not getting laid make men miserable and bitchy like women get when they suffer from PMS.
I wigged out and went postal on my dog yesterday because of DSB.
by t June 30, 2004
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