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It's just when you drop your cock in a chick's mouth.
That hoe Sally loves it when I Drop Cock her. She begs for more.
by babynins November 06, 2010
The nick name of a semi well known poet based in Long Beach California
Hey, lets go to the bar on 7th Dropcock is there reading some really groovy poetry.
by weasel 72 December 09, 2010
A man who sits on the toilet like a woman solely to urinate instead of standing or using a urinal. Using this word as an insult brings the subject's masculinity into question.
I can't believe Steve listens to Hilary Duff. What a dropcock.
by Pete and Del April 28, 2008
A slang term for male masterbaition.
Shit man, I LOVE dropping cock!
Girl, I drop cock to you every night!
Damn! Did that guy just drop cock in class?
by Drop Master May 26, 2008