DRK is a word made up in brookville pa by me and the rest if the skaters to describe the redneck kids.

DRK= dirty redneck kid or dumb redneck kid
wow look at them boots and snuff can ring on that DRK
#redneck #dirty #dumb #d-bag #dumb ass
by peterpan55 April 15, 2009
Top Definition
Dirty Rave Kids, a group of kids on the north east coast who rave and rage together periodically. These kids participate in dirty dancing to pounding electronic dance music into the early morning. They are the most accepting people you will meet, with a unlimited amount of love and good vibes. The DRK's use a unique language which includes words like "Welp" and "Wub". They also use words like grimy, filthy, and dirty to describe music. All DRK's follow the code of PLUR; peace, love, unity, respect.

Tools used: black lights, black light paint, lasers, glowsticks, gloves, molly, 5htp, candy, dance shoes, vicks vapor rub, bandanna, lucy, kandis, love, PLUR, suspenders, vitamin C, Magnesium, gum, blankets, karens pillow, stickers

DRK skills include: light shows, gloving, unique dancing, DJing skills, photography, Kandi making, raging, ability to drive long distances, dancing into the late morning, smoking invisible blunts, rolling, sticker making, making people smile, and having a great time

Famous Phrases:

"wub wub wub"
"uhh, what?"
"welp, there it goes"
"that was literally 8 seconds...probably"
"Rage N Rave"
"i love Ryno"
"rave flu"
"hit that"
"the jake!"

Mascot: Purple Party Pup

Original DRK members: Eric, Travis, Meg, Greg, Karen, Ryan, Chris, Kyle Glowsticks, Kyle, Sean, Sal, Tom, Justin, Lidia, Keanan, Gerard, Kelcie, Jake, Pav, Troy, Gabe, Ruby, Max, Vin, and Elias.

Look for stickers with "i love Ryno" or "Certified DRK" and say hi =)
You will find most DRK members at raves along the east coast.

Did you see the DRK at creatures of the night in the massive gloving light show!?

I love that DRK kandi you traded with me!
#rave #kandi #electronic music #rage #gloving #light shows
by Kwhomp November 07, 2010
The abbreviation for Dark Knight in Final Fantasy 11. They typically use Great Swords or Scythes. Dark Knights also have their own Dark Magic spells. Typically these are forms of absorbing something from the enemy.
The DRK in my last party was doing 1500+ damage no problem! It was crazy!
#dark knight #paladin #emo #metal #hardcore
by Zikenma July 12, 2009

nickname for ketamine, a club drug, that makes people slow/tired/'out of it'/pass out, intended for putting animals to sleep
Man, at that rave last night Dr. K made me fade out; i felt dead & I had no idea what was going on
#ketamine #dr. k #drug #sleep #tired
by sdfghjtyfiodnsfavdsfdsavcxvcx November 26, 2006
Dirty Rough Killer Sex.
"Dude, last night I got some drks from your mom!"
#dirty #rough #killer #sex #mom
by roarilleatyourchildren October 29, 2008
The DRK is the "Dutch Rudder King", otherwise known as the master of the act of giving a dutch rudder to another dude. A dutch rudder is when a man gets a handjob from another dude but he controls the pace at which their hand moves by holding the other dues hand. Or it could be the other way around.
Michael gave me a fantastic dutch rudder last night! He is the DRK!
#dutch rudder #drk #handjob #dude #dutchrudder #wacking off
by zack-o January 12, 2012
The one who led the massive overthrow of the scene kid rule in North Royalton. Brought dignity back to the area, and a bunch of butthurt emos in his trail.
Man, this DRK dude is Kickass
#chuck norris #rape #furry #death metal #dignity
by FennecGuitarist June 24, 2009
D.R.K stands for Dirty Rat Kid. One who somewhat looks like a scene kid with long straightened hair but dirty in a sense of abusing weed and other drugs frequently. There are many different types of ways D.R.K's can look like. D.R.K's also do not do well in school.

Mainly used as an offensive word, to make fun of.
That kid's a fucking D.R.K!

#nasty #dirty #disgusting #unsanitized #dumbfuck
by SpokenVoice November 02, 2007
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