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Technically the venerial disease Syphilis(syph). It stems from the excruciatingly painful discharge of fluid from a man's genitalia. A gender-specific term, although both sexes can contract the disease.
Woo baby!, I thinks I gots a case of drippy dick after that night with those cheap-ass hookers. I guess that will tech me not to go for cheap crackhead poontang
by jojotheirishkid April 05, 2005
What you catch when you fuck a nasty bitch with out a rubber
PJ Caught drippy dick from fucking everybody but his wife.
by ANONYMOUS January 27, 2005
A side affect from going and banging some chick in Amsterdam while you are over seas serving your country and your dick starts leaking some nasty thick creamy puss shortly after.
(Doctor) "What are you symtoms?"
(You) "I got the drippydick."
(Doctor) "No sir, you got chlamydia."
by Zach A. October 21, 2007