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An acronym for the game Jet Set Radio Future, the latest installment in the Jet Set Radio games from Sega and what some consider to tbe the worst. It now comes bundled with Sega GT 2002 in every X-box you buy. You play as any of the characters from your rollerblade gang as you collect spray paint cans, design tags, and battle the other gangs and the police. You spray tags and collect characters throughout the game.(this is vaguley similar to the 80's movie "The Warriors")
New X-box owner: "Boy, I sure do love listening to this great soundtrack as I convert rival gang members, vandalize, and assault (Rokkaku)police officers."
by jojotheirishkid March 28, 2005
Technically the venerial disease Syphilis(syph). It stems from the excruciatingly painful discharge of fluid from a man's genitalia. A gender-specific term, although both sexes can contract the disease.
Woo baby!, I thinks I gots a case of drippy dick after that night with those cheap-ass hookers. I guess that will tech me not to go for cheap crackhead poontang
by jojotheirishkid April 05, 2005
possibly the greatest -abieit expensive- ice cream treats that you can find in a mall or fair. they are BB-sized ice cream pellet that you eat just like regular stufff in a cup.
You: Boy, these Dippin-dots sure are good
Me; well for 4 quid a cup, they better be
Both: mmm, Dippin-dots are tasty!
by jojotheirishkid May 24, 2005
cross-section of dachsund.
"Hmm, Oscar Mayer Dachsund Farms... wonder what that's about?"
by jojotheirishkid March 28, 2005
an African-American person. Created in retaliation to the phrase cracker, or cracka.
Black person: "You cracker-ass fool"
(unassuming)White person: "What do you know, you piece of burnt toast!"

(black person creates new face for white person)
by jojotheirishkid March 28, 2005

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